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A.T.V. - Advanced Training Visualizer


Visualizers have been used successfully as a diagnostic tool by brass teachers since the 1920's. Our approach with the ATV goes far beyond visual diagnostics, providing an advanced, high-intensityIsotonic workout and low-intensity exercises to develop a relaxed aperture for greatly improved tone in the lower and middle registers.

The objective is simple: To create a strong vibrant buzz across the entire width of the aperture (rim to rim). The ATV provides an unadulterated raw assessment of the state of your buzz and becomes the ideal tool for making improvements in that area.

The results are stunning: In addition to muscle conditioning, the ATV will help you learn to maximize the quality of your buzz in the lower, middle, and upper registers - which will translate into very substantial results when playing your trumpet.

  • Engages the full range of motion of your embouchure muscles (relaxed to full contraction).
  • Improves control and power of both breathing and buzzing.
  • Is suitable for use by all players. Don't let the "Advanced" part scare you away - the low-intensity buzz improvement exercises are well suited for ALL players!
  • Is available in all Warburton rim sizes to match your mouthpiece diameter.


What size A.T.V. do you need?

If you already play a Warburton mouthpiece, all the A.T.V. rim diameters are the same as our regular mouthpieces. For example, if you play a Warburton 4SV you would want the size 4 A.T.V.

If you play another manufacturer's mouthpiece, our trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart may be able to help you find the Warburton size that matches your mouthpiece. For example, if you play a Schilke 15 you should order the size 3 A.T.V.


  • ATV
    $105.00 Choose Options ATV
    Please remember to specify your desired Rim SizeNOTE: You may use the Warburton trumpet/cornet backbore you aleady own, or order the SILVER PLATED ATV shank or the GOLD PLATED versions here. Instructions for Use -...

  • ATV Shank
    $50.00 Choose Options ATV Shank
    NOTE: CANNOT be used with a regular top for playing - ONLY WORKS WITH THE ATV

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