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Johnny Cowell

Johnny Cowell was best known in classical circles as the principle trumpeter for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for over twenty years but prior to that he was known as a composer of hit tunes like “Walk Hand in Hand With Me” from the 50’s and “Strollin’ With The Blues” which was featured in a Peter Sellers movie. After retiring from the TSO John continued as a virtuoso trumpet soloist and the legendary “Doc” Severinson called to personally congratulate him on the quality of his last trumpet recording.

What has not been common knowledge is that Johnny is a fine composer of both trumpet solo music and other compositions for band and orchestra. His march “The Olympians” and his concert overture “Canadian Odyssey” are stirring examples of what a brilliant and creative mind can deliver to audiences. These charts and his many compositions for band and solo trumpet a re a joy for audiences to listen to and a real challenge for good bands to play

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