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We distribute a complete line of mouthpieces for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba - plus our new line of top quality accessories for woodwind instruments. The Warburton system flexibility gives you the most efficient mouthpiece or saxophone neck components for performing in any playing situation.


Concept of the Warburton System

The Warburton system facilitates the brass player's choosing of a rim diameter, cup style and depth, with a backbore to best balance his/her sound and resistance. This choice ultimately affords one the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation.

This two-piece system consists of fully interchangeable "TOP" sections and "BACKBORE" sections. Due to the multiplicity of demands placed upon the modern brass player, the various cup designs have been chosen for ability to produce the most desired sound in any playing idiom.

The backbore sizes compliment the cup designs and further assist in the refinement and "fine-tuning" of the sound. Consideration has been given even to the placement of the backbore into the receiver (amount of gap).

The Warburton system allows the player the opportunity to personally "balance" their equipment. This can now be accomplished without the necessity of traveling to a mouthpiece maker or waiting for a mail-order custom made piece that often does not work and cannot be exchanged. Warburton backbores are available in thirteen standard sizes for Trumpet, Cornet, Schilke Piccolo Trumpet and Blackburn Piccolo Trumpet.

With many years of experience, the Warburton staff can assist you in choosing a mouthpiece well suited to your needs.

In addition to the Warburton component-based system, custom mouthpiece work is our specialty. We can modify any manufacturer's mouthpiece to work with Warburton components. Gold plating is available too.

  • A Series Saxaphone Mouthpieces (silver & gold)
    $650.00 Choose Options A Series Saxophone Mouthpieces
    The Warburton A Series Tenor Mouthpieces combine the best 21st century computerized machining technology with expert hand craftsmanship to provide the player with the most efficient and pleasing playing experience...

  • Al Carter Tuba
    $315.00 Choose Options Al Carter Tuba
    "Plug one of these into your CC or BBb and I’m convinced you’ll find startling results. I know I was pleasantly surprised by the difference even to other heavy mouthpieces out there." ~ Allen...

  • Anchor Grip Top
    $140.00 Choose Options Anchor Grip Top
    What is an Anchor Grip Top? Do I need one? If you have thick or fleshy lips and the feeling that your mouthpiece doesn't seat as securely as you would like, Warburton Anchor Grip Tops may be for you. These are different...

  • $175.00 Choose Options Bob Birch Signature Trumpet Top
    Remember to order a backbore to go with your new top! Inside diameter: 0.680" Outside diameter: 1.090" Medium-deep bowl Bore size #23This is similar to our 2MD, but with more girth at the bottom of the cup and a more...

  • Bob Odneal Signature Top
    $175.00 Choose Options Bob Odneal Signature Top
    Very small inside diameter with a shallow V cup design and round rim.Inside diameter: 0.590" Outside diameter: 1.090"Similar to our Shoop model but with a wider entrance.

  • $175.00 Choose Options Brian "Slick" Anderson Signature Top
    Remember to order a backbore to go with your new top! This is similar to the Marcinkiewicz Ingram model, but with more room at the top of the cup.Inside Diameter: 0.590” Outside Diameter: 1.058" Shallow v-bowl...

  • C Series Hard Rubber Saxophone Mouthpieces
    $160.00 Choose Options C Series Hard Rubber Saxophone Mouthpieces
    The Warburton C Series mouthpieces are designed for the classical saxophonist, student, and educator looking for a warm sound, great intonation, and uniform response.  The C Series combines a French-style square...

  • Chad Shoopman Signature Top
    $175.00 Choose Options Chad Shoopman Signature Top
    Remember to order a backbore to go with your new top! Inside Diameter .587”, Outside Diameter 1.087”, Shallow V style cup, #28 bore. This is the top demonstrated in Chad's famous YouTube video. Chad prefers...

  • $175.00 Choose Options Chris Tedesco Signature Trumpet Top
    Remember to order a backbore to go with your new top! Based on Warburton 4SV, but with larger entrance into the throat.Inside Diameter: 0.660" Outside Diameter: 1.075" Bore size...

  • $175.00 Choose Options Craig Konicek Signature Top
    Shallow lead style cup with no "undercut" Inside diameter #5 (0.650") Outside diameter 1.090"This is an alternative to the Marcinkiewicz Shew #1 model. The rim is wider to the outside and more defined on the inside...