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Trombone and Euphonium

The WARBURTON system facilitates the brass player's choosing of a mouthpiece with the optimum combination of rim diameter, cup style and depth, and backbore. This unique ability allows a player to fit together a mouthpiece that will best balance sound and resistance with his own instrument. The choices available with the WARBURTON system will afford one the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation.

warburton-trombone-backbore-web-79x200x5-ffffff.jpgwarburton-top-web-180x200x5-ffffff.jpgThe system consists of interchangeable "TOP" sections and "BACKBORE" sections. The various cup designs have been chosen for their ability to produce any sound desired by the player. The different cup depths within one diameter allow the player to easily change mouthpieces to perform in a different context. The backbore designs complement the cup shapes and further assist in the "fine-tuning" of the sound.

The WARBURTON system allows the player the opportunity to personally "balance" their equipment, a process that heretofore was not within grasp!

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  • Brandon Jones Signature Model (Euphonium)
    $255.00 Choose Options Brandon Jones Signature Model (Euphonium)
    "I have been longing for the mouthpiece that could give me the sound that has been in my head for years.  I have played them all...literally.  While I feel that all of the "top" mouthpieces out there for the...

  • Demondrae Thurman Model
    $255.00 Choose Options Demondrae Thurman Model
    "I finally have the mouthpiece that affords me the rich yet focused sound that I've desired all of my playing life. The rim allows me to play my full range without shifting. It by far the most comfortable mouthpiece I've...

  • $255.00 Choose Options Domingo Pagliuca Signature Model
    Domingo had been playing our RS5 model which was working very well for symphony use. He wanted a brighter version of it that could also be used in the Salsa bands but still be suitable for symphony venues. Domingo visited...

  • Frank Rosolino Mouthpiece
    $255.00 Choose Options Frank Rosolino Mouthpiece
    Small inside diameter, like a Bach 15. Shallow "V" style cup and a bore of .250"Very free-blowing for a small mouthpiece. Model #1: Inside diameter - small - compares to a Bach 15.Cup - Shallow "V" styleBore - .250"...

  • Gail Robertson Signature Model (Euphonium)
    $265.00 Choose Options Gail Robertson Signature Model (Euphonium)
    "Finally, I have found someone that would create a euphonium mouthpiece like no other! The Warburton/Robertson mouthpiece projects and responds at any dynamic level and it is very powerful. No matter how loud or soft...

  • James Warburton 1-1/4 JW Bass Trombone
    $255.00 Choose Options James Warburton 1-1/4 JW Bass Trombone
    "I have always been a great admirer of George Robert’s sound on the bass trombone. So when I started playing I used a Bach 1½ G and did my best to emulate his sound. Then, when I switched to a Warburton...

  • Keith Oshiro Signature Model Trombone Top
    $190.00 Choose Options Keith Oshiro Signature Model Trombone Top
    "I have been playing on a custom Warburton trombone mouthpiece since 1991. After my first year playing with Maynard Ferguson, I went in search of a better mouthpiece. After trying many different makes and models, I found...

  • Rick Stout Signature Model (Large-Bore Trombone and Euphonium)
    $255.00 Choose Options Rick Stout Signature Model (Large-Bore Trombone and Euphonium)
    "The Warburton RS4 is the result of literally years of design and testing. It is a great all-around mouthpiece for the modern tenor trombone player. The generous yet not oversized rim allows a fullness of tone, while a ...

  • Scott Bliege Signature Trombone Top Models
    $190.00 Choose Options Scott Bliege Signature Trombone Top Models
    "I do a lot of recordings, shows, and commercial work. I have been in many situations in which I have to use my King 3B, and Conn 88HYO to double on. I found that the mouthpieces I had been using were too drastically...

  • Scott Whitfield Signature Model
    $255.00 Choose Options Scott Whitfield Signature Model
    "My new signature model Warburton mouthpiece is the perfect balance of openness and focus. It gives me the consistent response I desire, along with maximum comfort." Inside Diameter - .980"Outside Diameter - 1.510"Cup...

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