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We are finally back in production of our Tuba mouthpieces and are very pleased with their success at the last few shows that we have attended. At the recent Tuba Euphonium Conference in Washington, DC. we were swamped by players trying and buying the new Tuba pieces.

Our standard line of tuba pieces encompasses a very complete selection of both inside diameter and cup depths.

The designations represent the inside diameter, in hundredths of an inch, and the cup depth. For example, a 28D would be 1.280" and a deep cup.

We also are working on a series we call the "Holy Grail" models. These are reproductions of really great playing old Helleberg models that we have had an opportunity to examine and replicate. We have had great success with these models and ask that you contact Russ to find out more.

Standard Models

Cup Depths available
25 1.250" Shallow, Medium, Deep (S,M,D)
26 1.260" Shallow, Medium, Deep
28 1.280" Shallow, Medium, Deep
30 1.300"

Shallow, Medium, Deep

32 1.320"

Shallow, Medium, Deep

The Grail Series
J1 1.280" Very Deep
HG 1.260" Medium Deep
TG25 1.250" Medium Deep
TG4 1.250" Medium Deep