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Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser (P.E.T.E.)

Use P.E.T.E. to strengthen and develop your embouchure muscles!

Brass and Woodwind playing is an art and a skill. It is also a physical activity which requires not only breath control, but a steadfast embouchure that will not break down before the end of a performance; and the P.E.T.E. helps to keep those muscles in shape.

Professional Quarterbacks throw the football great distances with accuracy. They do this by practicing their skills on the field. What we don’t see is the time spent in the gym preparing the muscle groups needed so that they can practice these skills. Engaging in either one of these activities in excess is less effective than doing both in balance.

 Use P.E.T.E. as an adjunct tool to assist you in becoming a better player!

pete-silver-gold-plastic-web-400x205x6-ffffff.jpgProvides Efficient and Effective Embouchure Conditioning For Trumpet - Trombone - Tuba - French Horn - Any Brass Instrument Player!


Flute - Saxophone - Clarinet - Oboe - Bassoon - Any Woodwind Instrument Player!

  • Available in the same materials as the brass player's model - except that the plastic model is blue instead of black.
    $55.00 Choose Options P.E.T.E.
    The P.E.T.E. is a tool that directly targets the exact muscles that tire toward the end of a performance. These are the muscles which prevent the lips from falling into the cup, blowing apart, and losing the buzz. P.E.T.E...

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