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The Ultimate Sax Neck

warburton-sax-neck.jpgSaxophone players are all too familiar with the trial-and-error method of purchasing and fitting traditional one-piece necks to their instruments while searching for a particular set of playing and sound qualities. It can get really expensive in a hurry - and you still might not end up with the desired result. As a result, most players find a one-piece neck that plays "well enough" and learn to like it.

Those days are now over. The Warburton Ultimate Sax Neck puts you, the player, in control of how it fits, plays, and sounds.

  •  Want more or less resistance?
  • Want to use your favorite neck on multiple instruments (but you can't because the tenon sizes are different)?
  • Want to use different mouthpieces (but you can't because the cork on your neck doesn't fit the other mouthpiece properly)?
  • Want a bright sound for lead jazz work - and then easily switch to classic dark sound for a different gig?

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, there are three pieces:

  • Initiator - screws onto the mouthpiece end of the neck - available in sizes to fit ANY mouthpiece.
  • Tenon - screws onto the instrument end of the neck - available in sizes to fit ANY instrument.
  • Neck - looks just like any other saxophone neck, however, we've installed our threaded mountings on each end to accept all of our Initiators and Tenons. We can also convert your existing neck to accept the Warburton Initiators and Tenons.

During our research and product development we learned one very interesting thing about saxophones - there is no standardization of mouthpiece or tenon sizes across the manufacturers - and furthermore even within the same brand and model there are often times significant size differences. If you've ever tried to swap mouthpieces and sax necks around you probably already know this. The result of this situation is that we manufacture our Initiators and Tenons in various OUTSIDE diameters to make sure we can properly fit different sized mouthpieces and saxophones.

How do you order your Warburton Modular Sax Neck?

The simplest way is to call us directly at 1-416-221-3735 or email to: tom@warburton-canada.com - we will either direct you to a nearby dealer or we can work directly with you over the phone.

It's really just a simple matter of making sure we send you the correct outside diameter initiator to fit your mouthpiece
AND the correct tenon to fit your saxophone.


What size parts will you need AND
style and size of initiator will work best for you?

When you place your order, we will charge your credit card for the order and send you the following items: 

  • Your new Ultimate Sax Neck.
  • A selection of Initiator size gauges you will use to find out which one best fits your mouthpiece (similar to trimming and sanding the cork to fit your mouthpiece using a traditional neck). If you use more than one mouthpiece, go ahead and use the size gauges on ALL of them just in case you want to order Initiators for the other mouthpieces later.
  • A selection of Tenon size gauges you will use to find out which one best fits your saxophone. If you have more than one saxophone, go ahead and use the size gauges on ALL of them just in case you want to order Tenons for the other horns later.
  • Simple instructions on how to use the size gauges.
  • You ship the size gauges back to us.

Once we find out which size parts you need, we will send the following items:

  • A selection of Initiators with various INTERNAL SHAPES and SIZES based on your playing style (for example: if you're an orchestra musician there's no point in sending you initiators suited for the  bright piercing sound a contemporary lead player might want).
  • A Tenon with the correct outside diameter to properly fit your saxophone.
  • Spare rubber o-rings to have on hand in the unlikely event your Initiator o-rings need to be replaced.
  • You ship the Initiators you are not keeping back to us. 

Now what do I do with this pile of parts?

We're almost done! A few minutes of play testing the various Initiators will allow you to figure out which INTERNAL SIZE and SHAPE you like best in terms of resistance and tonal qualities. However, you keep them all for a full week for extra play testing to make sure you're happy with your selection.

Feel free to Contact Us at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Once you feel confident that you have all the right parts, just send the Initiators you're not keeping back to us.

Return Policy on Neck System Components: 

  • Customer supplied necks we convert are not returnable or refundable. The conversion is a one-way process and cannot be reversed.
  • All other undamaged components can be returned with a 10% restocking fee (which offsets our costs of labor and replating needed to restore the items to like new condition).

Contact Us today to get your Ultimate Sax Neck today!

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