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Love for P.E.T.E.

Posted on 12th Jul 2011 @ 11:53 AM

PETE's are so popular, pro musicians even take them on vacation!  Who says you can’t relax and give your chops a workout at the same time?


"Scott Irvine here.  We want to thank you for the Petes that we own (got them through Tom Fleming). We packed them up to go on our cruise in March and thought you might enjoy seeing our "practice sessions" daily.
The Pete seemed to work just as well with wine, beer, or margueritas! The Pete is a career saver. We both came back feeling confident going into gigs the next day after 10 days off the horn.

Cheers to you!

joan-watson.jpg  scott-irvine.jpg

Scott Irvine and Joan Watson
(Canadian Opera Co. orch. And True North Brass)"

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